About Ovision Learning Education

is An experience to channelize your hidden talent, we provide a unique blend of Art, Thought and Action. A much thought idea lacking skills of expression is what we help you with and polish the lacking skills of expression of your long thought ideas.Ovision also provides the platform to work for many well reputed and recognised companies today. We believe in the quality teaching and training rather than just providing knowledge to the students which builds our name a rock hard brand and improves the reputation every day, to meet all the expectations of the students and the people connected to us we have the exclusive and experienced team working to generate the likes and satisfaction.
Mayur Khandagale
CEO & Founder
I welcome you to our institute. I hope this website gives you the information you seek and tells you more about what makes us a unique institute in Pune. We are passionate about creating excellence in the field of education. Our aim is to provide students with a learning experience that amalgamates creativity, perseverance and commitment to achieve their desired goals. We organize different events where students get ready for challenges of the corporate world. Through these events we help students sharpen their skills and encourage interaction with the industry..
Reshma Khandagale
Director & Founder
Ovision Learning Education was set up with the noble intension of providing knowledge based courses in Designing Field. We are passionate about creating excellence in the field of education. The world is shrinking and it has become crucial that students have practical experience and they are armed to face any given challenge and situation in these competitive times. My Ovision: To support the efforts of the Institute to be always in the fore front in Academic Excellence.